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Door box PC

The door box-PC range consists of 5 models with powers of arms ranging from 16 to 30 T for a total WEIGHT ranging from 24 to 32 T. This range of door-box will allow you to handle and transport all types of boxes and dumpsters multi-lift.

High power handling arm is recessed in a chassis to create a double frame and so increase the resistance and robustness of our door boxes. This chassis is designed with HLE (high limit elastic) 250 x 100 x 8 mm tubes.

The hydraulic boom suspension THIEVIN' society decided to put original on its range of door-casing will guarantee you reliability and comfort foolproof. Experience for many years, the suspension of THIEVIN' hydraulic boom has more to prove anything.

For optimal use of the cabinet door, the company THIEVIN' team original its door-casing with a pump hydraulic driven by cardan transmission and one oil tank for the supply of the different hydraulic functions of the arm.

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Chassis door box PC 160

The small PC

THIEVIN' society offers, in its range of door-box, the PC 160. This model has a GVWR of 24 T 16 T arm power.

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Chassis door box PC 200

An arm of 20 T for subwoofers

The range of door box THIEVIN' include 5 models, the PC 200. This box door is equipped with an arm of 20T of power for a total WEIGHT of 24T.

Vue côté porte caisson PC 220 en dépose caisson avec caisson type Leader

Chassis door box PC 220

An arm of 22 T for subwoofers

The PC 220 is the largest model in the range of door Cabinet in two axles. It is equipped with an arm of 22t of power for a total WEIGHT of 29T.

Vue 3/4 avant porte caisson PC-260 dépose caisson

Chassis door box PC 260

The door box 3 axles with an arm of 26 T

PC 260 is the first model of the range of door THIEVIN' subwoofer to be equipped with a tridem to cranks. It has a GVW 32T to 26T arm power.

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Chassis door box PC 300

The PC 300 is the biggest door range subwoofer model. This model that has a GVWR of 32T for a power of 30T arm is made for handling large subwoofer.


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