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  • Remorque agricole CORTAL 210 à l'ensilage
  • Épandeurs à fumier MARAL 180 en table d'épandage
  • Remorques agricoles fond poussant-mouvant COBALT
  • Remorques TP LEADER en chantier de terrassement.

A full range of materials
Agriculture and public works

Listening to its customers for more than 30 years, THIEVIN' continues its development.

Manufacturer of agricultural equipment, THIEVIN' is recognized on the market of agricultural machinery for its high-end products.

The Engineering Department ensures the design and development of all products. Machinery enables the production of a diverse range of products: trailers agricultural monohulls, trailers, public works, thoroughly pushing moving agricultural trailers, spreaders, manure, straw trays, door boxes 2 or 3 axles, handling accessories and buckets for front loaders and telescopic, bull and reclaimers of small straws blades.

THIEVIN', Builder of A to Z

The industrial organization emphasizes human and technical skills allowing a significant reactivity and flexibility recognized by our customers.

The production tool consists of a cutting laser, shears, press brakes, machine of a rolling, welding robots, of positions of welding semiautomatic (steel, aluminium, stainless steel) and a unit of paint. This high-performance machine park enables THIEVIN' to respond to requests for specific productions, thus allowing its customers to adapt the products to their specific needs.

Very modern infrastructure host so far 160 employees and allow an integration of all the steps of manufacturing products.

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The Erdre industrial park

44540 Holy March the Jaille

Market agricultural and TP

Agricultural trailers COBRA and CORTAL, trailers construction LEADER, MASTER and body, spreaders to MARAL manure, trailers to background moving-pushing COBALT, trays to straw MISTRAL, door boxes, accessories for front ends and telescopic loaders, buckets, blades bull, hoppers...

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