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Trailers TP Bibenne

Trailers for public works BIBENNE range consists of 3 models of 16.9 T of PTAC at 24 T of PTAC for interior lengths of cash ranging from 5.00 m to 5.90 m. with an inside width of cash of 2.20 m and a height of 0.50 m or 0.80 m, the range of public works BIBENNE trailers can adapt to all your public works sites.

The particularity of this range of trailers for public works is that the dump can be done by standard tipping back or in side tipping left or right along the selected when ordering.

The caisse square of the BIBENNE has original sides thick steel plate 6 mm and a bottom plate steel of 8 mm thickness for the 180 BIBENNE. But it is also available as an option with sides 5 or 6 mm anti-abrasion 450HB and with a bottom plate in 5 / 6 or 8 mm anti-abrasion 450 HB. Its lateral flap has a hydraulic opening to the lateral tipping.

With its very wide chassis (1 160 mm) and robust consisting of tubes of 300 x 100 mm, the MASTER allows you to work in the most difficult conditions in public works. And its telescopic tipping cylinder with ball and cradle will provide you with flawless reliability.

BIBENNE 180 is equipped with original with one axle bogie 26 special T TP. This axle is made for intensive public works applications with reinforced axle chairs and a more important than agricultural axles axle pivot axis size.

Finally, with its great diversity of choice of options, either pneumatic, approval (25 km/h or 40 km/h), suspension of the axles (hydraulic or pneumatic), hydraulic suspension of the arrow,... your BIBENNE is adaptable to all your needs.

Vue 3/4 avant remorque TP Bibenne 120-50 caisse 500 mm en bennage lateral avec ridelle latérale ouverte

Trailer TP BIBENNE 120

The small BIBENNE

The Taylor company offers, in its range of trailers for public works BIBENNE, BIBENNE 120. This small model, that has a GVWR of 16.9 T, is available with a box length of 5,00 m to a height of 500 mm Fund.

Vue 3/4 avant remorque TP Bibenne 180-59 caisse 800 mm en bennage latéral avec ridelle latérale ouverte

Trailer TP BIBENNE 180

The trailer for specific public works projects

BIBENNE 180 is the second and final model of the range of trailers for public works BIBENNE. It has a GVWR of 24 T for two box lengths 5.40 m or 5.90 m to a height of 800 mm Fund.


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