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Agricultural trailers COBRA

The COBRA farm bins allow you to work in the best conditions on the road, in the fields or tipping.

15 models are available to fit your needs:

Agricultural trailers COBRA: a proven reliability

Very good rigidity of the Fund.

We manufacture COBRA farm trucks with steel HLE (high limit elastic) for better strength. Many Poles, the central band and the bottom of Fund composed of tubes of 200 x 100 mm with longitudinal reinforcements are the guarantee of the sustainability of your trailer.

Perfect and long-lasting tightness.

Adjustable door lock and the rubber seals which are fixed in removable stainless slides allow you to transport all types of products in optimal conditions.

The widest chassis on the market.

The very wide chassis (1 160 mm) of agricultural dumpsters COBRA composed of 300 x 100 mm tubes offers real adequate stability in transport or tipping of grain, silage and manure situation.

Agricultural machinery proposed with many options

Depending on the use you make of your farm equipment, you can opt for:

THIEVIN', french manufacturer of agricultural trailers is a recognized player in the market. Each of our products is designed and built in full on our production site in the Great-West. We assure you a listen and a fast and efficient service in all circumstances.

Vue 3/4 avant remorque agricole Cobra 210-72 caisse 1 500 mm

Trailer agricultural COBRA 210

The largest of the two COBRA axles

The COBRA 210 is the largest model of the range of agricultural trailers COBRA in two axles. This model, which has a GVWR of 29 T, is available in three lengths (7.20 m / 7.50 m / 8.00 m), you will be permitted to transport large volumes.

Vue 3/4 avant basse remorque agricole Cobra 240-80 caisse 1 500 mm

Trailer agricultural COBRA 240

The imposing of the COBRA range

The COBRA 240 is the latest model from the range of agricultural trailers COBRA, she has a GVWR of 32 T. This model is available in four lengths (7.50 m / 8.00 m / 8.50 m / 9.00 m).


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