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Straw trays

The trays to straw MISTRAL range consists of 5 models of PTAC to 26t GVW 16t for lengths of shelf from 9.00 m to 12.00 m. has plateau with a width of 2.54 m with edges of shore inclined of 30 mm in height.

The bottom plate is in thickness 4 mm as well as the banks of folded sides. They are assembled with a 300 x 100 x 8 mm tube chassis. The complete set will guarantee you plateau unprecedented strength.

The double row of front ball turret is equipped with axle demi-Tandem low to bring you maximum driving comfort. The arrow with welded ring is maintained by two adjustable springs.

Both front and rear have two positions: upright or reclined position. In order to safely carry, two reels are positioned in series on the face front of the tray.

For even more safety on public roads, we offer you the possibility to certify your tray version 40 km/h.

Vue 3/4 avant plateau à paille PL 160-90

Straw PL 160-90 tray

The small MISTRAL

The Taylor company offers, in its range of trays to straw MISTRAL, PL 160-90. This model, which has a GVWR of 16 T, is available with a length of 9.00 m plateau.

Vue 3/4 avant plateau à paille Mistral PL 210-100

Straw PL 210-100 tray

The plateau MISTRAL 10 m

The 210-100 PL is the second model in the range of trays to straw MISTRAL but the first model in the range has possessed a double Tandem type axle at the rear of the tray. It has a GVWR of 21 T for a length of 10 m plateau.

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Straw PL 210-110 tray

The MISTRAL tray 11 m

The range of trays to straw MISTRAL, include its 5 models PL 210-110. With a GVWR of 21 T, it offers a length of 11 m plateau.

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Straw PL 210-118 tray

The plateau MISTRAL 11.80 m

The plateau at straw MISTRAL PL 210 - 118 has a GVWR of 21 T, it is equipped with a tray of 11.80 m long.

Vue 3/4 avant basse plateau à paille Mistral PL 260-118

Straw PL 260-118 tray

The imposing MISTRAL

Plateau straw PL 260-118 of the MISTRAL range is the largest plateau in the range. With a GVWR of 26 T to a plateau of 11.80 m length, it will allow you to carry heavy loads.


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