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MARAL Manure spreaders

Taylor has launched a range of spreaders MARAL January 2014 manure to expand its catalog of agricultural materials and meet many customer requests. This range of Manure spreaders, consists of 7 models from 8 m³ to 24 m³. With a width interior of caisse de 1,50 m at the bottom and 1.90 m up to heights of 1.20 m / 1.40 m and 1.70 m, the range of MARAL Manure spreaders adapts to all your work application (manure, sludge, manure,...). This adaptability is also done through our two spreading systems: hedgehogs vertical or horizontal rotors spreading table.

The Fund measures 1.5 m at the bottom and 1.9 m at the top. In addition, the Fund share right (width 1,5 m) before enlargement (up to 1.9 m width) to facilitate the descent of the materials to be spread. This form of Fund promotes a constant and uniform pressure over the entire width of the mat (no 'cage' effect where the carpet turns without taking the product because it does not go down) promoting easy and total product evacuation. To gain in robustness and finishing the MARAL is designed, of origin, with a top banner height 400 mm finishing point. It avoids the accumulations of matter at the top of caisse and stiffens significantly the top of the Cabinet of the machine in the event of shocks to the loading. This headband is 4 mm thick and a single length.

The bottom of the Maral Fund is structured by two banks in 6 mm folded in the shape of "S". The banks "S"-shaped measuring 300 mm in height and have several advantages such as: strengthening the structure of the spreader through its folds at 90 °, have a passage of strings and have a flexible passage which stays clean and accessible at any time through the protection guards coming to protect the hoses.

The vertical beaters spreading system has vertical beaters with a diameter of 900 mm outside knives with coils that have a 350 mm pitch. The knives have a spatial distribution, which allows to have a strike every 5 mm in the front of attack ensuring a regular and perfect crumbling. Hedgehogs are composed of a coil in two thicknesses. The first flat coil (spire of attack) is 15 mm thick. This flat spire to attack the front of manure where it is the most dense (lower part). The rest of the coils is in 12 mm thickness. There are a number of knives to limit efforts to the work. More the number is high, the better will be the distribution and the grain size of materials will be finer. The effort required to overcome inertia at work will be improved.

The spreading in horizontal rotors system called 'Table spreading' is equipped with two horizontal rotors with the greater Hedgehog 720 mm in diameter and the lower Hedgehog 640 mm in diameter. Spraying is done with two discs of 900 mm in diameter on which 4 removable blades 450 HB steel are mounted. The two hedgehogs are covered through a back door in sheet of 4 mm opening upwards by 2 cylinders which facilitates interventions and the cleaning of the spreading table. The door is doubled by a plate of 4 mm teflon protection. This helps protect the door against shocks (foreign body) and the material does not stick to the walls.

Finally, with its great diversity of choice of options (DPAE, hydraulic suspension of arrow, door guillotine,...) your MARAL will fit all your needs.

Vue 3/4 avant basse épandeur à fumier Maral 150

MARAL 150 manure spreader

The MARAL in 15 m³

The range of MARAL Manure spreaders, counts MARAL 150 among his many models. Having a GVWR of 15.7 T for a 15 m³ loading volume, it is designed with a crate of 5.20 m long indoor and 1.40 m of headroom.

Vue 3/4 avant basse épandeur à fumier Maral 180

MARAL 180 manure spreader

The intermediary of the MARAL range

MARAL 180 has a GVWR of 15.7 T for a 18 m³ loading volume. It is available with an inside length of Fund 6,20 m for an inner height of 1.40 m Fund.

Vue 3/4 avant épandeur à fumier Maral 210

MARAL 210 manure spreader

MARAL 21 m³ in single axle

MARAL 210 is the latest model in the range of MARAL Manure spreaders in single axle. This model, which has a total WEIGHT of 15.7 T, to a load volume of 21 m³ with a crate measuring 6.20 m inner long and 1.70 m height.

Vue 3/4 avant épandeur à fumier Maral 210D

MARAL 210 d manure spreader

MARAL 21 m³ in double axles

The MARAL 210 d is the first model of the range of MARAL in fourwheel Manure spreaders. This model, which has a GVWR of 23.7 T for a load of 21 m³ volume, is equipped with a box of 6,20 m and inner length inner height 1.70 m.

Vue 3/4 avant épandeur à fumier Maral 240 en hérissons verticaux

MARAL 240 manure spreader

The manure spreader large volume

MARAL 240 is the largest model in the range of MARAL Manure spreaders, it has a GVWR of 23.7 T to 24 m³ loading volume. This model is equipped with a box of 7,20 m and inner length inner height 1.70 m.


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